12 Unique Knife Designs You’ll Want In Your Kitchen!


1. Maple Wood Knives By The Federal Inc.


This beautiful pair have each been crafted from a single piece of maple wood and include a solid metal edge for cutting. They’ll be launched later in the year, available to buy individually or as a set.



2.  One Piece Knife Concept By Johanna Gauder

Designer- Johanna Gauder-kitchen-knife 

This one piece knife by Johanna Gauder is beautifully designed for chopping herbs. Sadly it’s not available for sale as it’s just a concept piece, hopefully we’ll see a similarly designed set in the future.



3. Deglon Stainless Steel Knife Set


This distinctive stainless steel knife set combines effortless style with great functionality. All this comes at a price though, the 4 piece version costs around £600!


4. Skull Knife Stand By Monica Tsang



This gothic knife block by Monica Tsang was modelled on a human skull. It’s for everyone but a great design nevertheless.



5. Gama-Go Karate Lettuce Chopper


Despite being a complete novelty you can’t knock the appeal of the Gama-Go Chopper! Great for chopping lettuce, useless for everything else! Needless to say I still want one.



6. Samurai Kitchen Knife Set


Have you just watched Kill Bill? Fancy adding some feudal Japanese theming to your kitchen? Well this Samurai knife set is just for you. Shouting things like, “You have insulted me for the last time!” while prepping is not required but highly encouraged!

7. 5-Piece Knife Set with Unique Red Holder Designed By Raffaele Iannello


This unique knife block by Raffaele Iannello adds a touch of theatre to any kitchen! Despite all appearances, it’s very functional, the knives are held in place by strong magnets and plastic sheaths cover the blades to avoid any accidents.



8. Do It All Knife By Caroline Noordijk



How I adore this knife! A total Dreamboat! “The set of knives makes other kitchen tool redundant by incorporating different (cutting)-actions within the un-used surfaces of the blades.” Need I say more?

9. 5 Finger Fillet Knife Set


This 6 piece knife set was designed by Raffaele Iannello and inspired by the 5 finger knife game. It features a chef’s knife, bread knife, carving knife, utility knife, slicing knife and 3.5-inch paring knife.


10. Herb Chop Block and Double Bladed Knife Set


This unique chop block features a built in knife thats perfect for chopping with precision and ease, it looks good too!



11. 6-Piece Knife Set with Block By Barbuzzo Throwzini


This quirky knife block illustrates a well known circus act where the ringmaster launches knives at a rotating board. It was designed by the aptly named Barbuzzo Throwzini.

12. Star Wars™ X-Wing™ Knife Block


This amazing knife set would make a great gift for any Star Wars fan. It definitely gives your regular old kitchenware a rebellious kick in the vegetables!

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Click here for our complete kitchen knife guide, we’ve got a handy infographic that lists all the different types and explains how and when they should be used.



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