4 Great Benefits Of Buying Groceries In Bulk!



Pioneered in the United States, bulk buying is a craze that’s spread across the world. Stocking up on food specifically has a number of advantages that make it much more beneficial than other types of bulk purchase. Here’s a few reasons why we love it so much.

1. You’ll save money!

This is the first and most obvious benefit. If you want it cheap, buy a lot of it. Yes its true, the final price of most grocery items is hugely inflated by packaging costs. By purchasing larger packs you cut down on all that useless paper and plastic, reducing costs and wastage. A recent study conducted by a mainstream newspaper found the average family could save over £500 per year, simply by stocking up on basic items.


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2. It helps to curb impulse spending!

To put it bluntly, supermarkets are masters of manipulation. Their bag of tricks is so large that more often than not we’ll get to the till with one or two items that weren’t on the list. Lets face it, not many of us can resist the aroma of freshly made Krispy Kreme donuts, which is why Tesco keep them right next to the entrance. Obviously its fine to treat yourself from time to time but everything adds up. Bulk buying reduces the time you need to spend in the supermarket, so you don’t have to give in to temptation quite so often.



3.  You can do you bit for the environment!

The use of packaging can seem a bit excessive at times but its needed to keep our groceries fresh. It takes an enormous amount of energy to create and sadly, the vast majority will end up in landfill. By buying in bulk you cut down on wastage, this can lead to a significant environmental difference over time.

Many people don’t know that most of our favourite brands produce extra large packs for caterers. They are definitely worth looking at, our favourites are tea and coffee as they last for ages and work out a lot cheaper per unit.



4. Your health could improve!

This point is often overlooked. The act of buying in bulk can have a great impact on your overall health. Once you’ve committed to stocking up, it becomes much easier to plan healthy meals. In our experience you’re more likely to steer clear of the local Chinese if you know the cupboards are full at home. We recommend stocking up on long lasting foods like noodles and instant rice for that quick fix when cooking is the last thing on your mind.




So there you have it, the reasons why we love bulk buying. If you fancy stocking up today please visit our shop, here’s a 10% discount code to get you started.


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