What Are Food Banks and How Do They Work?


Image credit – mangostock/shutterstock.com   The number of individuals throughout the UK dealing with poverty is staggering. Estimates currently sit around 500,000 for low-income families.  Attempting to feed a family of 4 when your income is dramatically disproportionate is not only stressful but also heart rendering. Fortunately, Food Banks throughout the UK are doing their part

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How It All Started – The Original Locations Of 5 Famous Fast Food Chains!


[wpsr_sharethis] Have you ever considered where your favourite fast food restaurant came from? You’ll be surprised how small some of these retail giants once were! 1. BURGER KING (7146 BEACH BLVD, JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA) forgotten advertisements Founded by Keith J. Kramer and Matthew Burns, Burger King was originally called Insta-Burger. Helped by their state of the art

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