Clumsy Goat Coffee Review – What Makes Each Roast Unique!

Clumsy Goat Coffee Beans

Here at EatBig, we’ve been obsessed with coffee for as long as we can remember. We’ve had a range of coffee available on our website since we started many years ago, but we wanted something that was extra fresh and ethically sourced to offer our customers.

So in early 2016, we finally got to see the result of our endless planning, tasting and caffeine-induced insomnia… Clumsy Goat was born!

Our mission was to create our very own range of freshly roasted, premium coffee that could cater for newbies and connoisseurs alike, whilst standing firm on our belief that all coffee should be ethically and sustainably sourced.

We took things slow at first with the introduction of our Brazilian medium roast, designed to be an everyday coffee with a kick, before welcoming five new additions. These consisted of one 100% Arabica Italian espresso style roast that’s been meticulously crafted for a superb balance of flavour, and a carefully selected range of four 100% Arabica single-origin roasts from around the world, picked for the unique tasting notes they each offer.

Let’s take a look back on each of them and see what’s made our range so popular…

Fairtrade Brazilian Super Crema:

If you’ve tried this already, you’ll understand why we decided to include ‘super crema’ in the name. The crema from this roast is mouth-wateringly impressive, and delving deeper reveals a taste to match. Our precise mix of Arabica and Robusta beans makes for a deep, rich flavour with earthy undertones. You might already be aware that Robusta beans haven’t always had the best reputation. However, we find that being selective means you can find good quality Robustas that pack a punch, and we think blending them with some premium Arabicas is the only way to craft the perfect everyday cuppa.

Advised brewing method – Espresso or any filter method.

Fairtrade Italian Espresso:

So far, this has been a real hit with coffee shops and delicatessens. With Italian Espresso blends, we understand that most people want a good body, a smooth taste and a touch of fruity acidity, so we’ve chosen a complex blend of beans from Brazil, Colombia, Ethiopia Sidamo and Sumatra which work harmoniously to deliver these qualities. Notes of roasted almond and malt aren’t hard to miss during the sipping experience, and who’d complain about the prolonged cocoa it promises in the finish?

Advised brewing method – Perfect as an espresso.

Fairtrade Honduran:

Do you take milk? This one’s our recommendation. The creamy undertones oozing from this esteemed single-origin roast feel luxurious, and these develop even further with milk. Expect notes of nuttiness along the way, delivered gracefully with a touch of caramel.

Advised brewing method – Tailored for any filter method. Could be used as an espresso if you’re feeling adventurous as it does bring out the subtle flavours a bit more.

Fairtrade Colombian:

This is easily one of our most popular single-origin roasts. These flavoursome beans, picked from the famous Medellin region of Colombia, have been dark roasted to accentuate their complexities. They provide an intense, almost chocolaty aroma that’s counterbalanced with a sweet and fruity flavour that’s so typical of premium, high-grown Arabicas. With each cup you’ll detect subtleties you hadn’t previously and its mysterious allure with have you crawling back for more.

Advised brewing method – Tailored for any filter method. Can also be used to make a well balanced espresso.

Fairtrade Peruvian:

This is perfect for lazy mornings in bed. Hints of walnut and caramel make this similar to the Honduran in many ways, but there’s certainly no risk of confusing the two. Our Peruvian offering is characterised by a slightly more pronounced taste of walnut, and a sweetness which balances well with its lovely milk chocolate finish.

Advised brewing method – Tailored for any filter method. Use as espresso to really exaggerate unique tasting notes.

Fairtrade Ethiopia Sidamo:

Personal preference always plays a large part in coffee tasting, but we’ve definitely saved our favourite until last. Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee as we know it, and it’s fair to say that it’s not lost its touch. These premium, high-grown Arabica beans provide a wonderfully balanced fruit acidity with lovely citrus notes, and their magic is delivered by a sumptuously light, chocolate mocha body. This truly exquisite single-origin can be enjoyed all year round and sits perfectly alongside a healthy brunch.

Advised brewing method – Tailored for any filter method. Not generally recommended for an espresso as the citrus flavours can become over pronounced when prepared in this way.

Hopefully, this closer look at our full range has helped you pick out a few you’d like to try for yourself. To head straight to our online shop feel free to click here!

If you’ve got any questions about any of our roasts, or you’d like to know a little bit more about how we can supply you, then please feel free to send an email to and we’ll be happy to help.

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