Italian Espresso SideClumsy Goat Coffee

After years of planning and tens of thousands of coffees, it’s finally time to introduce Clumsy Goat, our new coffee brand!

We wanted to produce a premium quality coffee that stays true to what our customers value most – quality bulk groceries at affordable prices. This combination usually comes with some sort of compromise, but not in our case.

Our obsession with premium flavours has taken us on an adventure to source some of the finest beans mother earth has to offer.

We believe everyone involved in the creation of Clumsy Goat is of equal importance. That’s why we’re genuinely proud to say that all our beans are sourced ethically and sustainably. This helps us to support the industry, the farmers and of course… their goats.

We have tastes to suit even the most refined of palates with our range of single origin and and speciality blends.

So please join us on our journey, spread the word and help us make it possible for the rich aromas of Clumsy Goat to infuse in the hearts of likeminded coffee lovers far and wide.

Want to stock our coffee in your coffee shop, catering or retail business? Be sure to get in touch to set up a trade account, we offer a personal account manager, personalised pricing and advanced ordering options for all trade customers.

But first things first, find a seat prepare to indulge. Be sure to take a look at our range via the link below.

Try it today!