Our First Competition – Bulk Sweets!

The results are in!

Over the years we’ve had on-going support from lots of customers who continue to shop here at EatBig, so we decided it’s about time they’re rewarded for their loyalty. So naturally we decided a massive sweet giveaway was in order! Because after all, who doesn’t like sweets?

We ran a month-long competition to our engage our followers on Facebook and Instagram, encouraging them to guess the combined price of all of the sweets in the picture. As you can imagine we were inundated with hopeful applicants, all trying their chances at winning some of our most popular sweets.

We had lots of great guesses but unfortunately there could only be one winner. That lucky person was Gemma Armstrong from Southport, who won herself over £100 worth of goodies!

We then had the pleasure of breaking the fantastic news to her… I think it’s fair to say she didn’t expect to win. Gemma kindly took this picture of herself with the sweets and sent it over to us:



‘A HUGE HUGE THANKYOU!!! to @EatBig for this amazing tasty giveaway! I really recommend everyone to go and like their Facebook / Instagram page in order to be kept updated and for the chance of winning future competitions like this!!’

Thanks Gemma! Enjoy. And please, please go easy on those sweets!

Since the birth of EatBig 4 years ago we’ve been working tirelessly to expand our range of products as well as improve our customer relations. Customers are what keep EatBig spinning, and giving back in ways like this offers us a rewarding glimpse into the happy faces behind the orders.

We look forward to organising many more things like this so be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to keep up to date. I’ve got a sneaky feeling we might be seeing chocolate, coffee and tea competitions in the near future!

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