The Best Office Treats To Buy In Bulk

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So there you are, back in the office, wondering where the weekend went. The coffee machine is broken, the emails are flying in and your boss is already chewing your ear off. So much to do, so little time to do it…

‘COME AND SAVE ME FRIDAY!’ You scream, internally.

FEAR NOT! We’ve arrived just in time to give you all the help and support you need. Following recent, heated discussions about the best lunchtime snacks amongst staff here at EatBig, we’ve decided to compile a list of the tastiest energy-boosting, endorphin-releasing, fatigue-fighting treats to give you and your colleagues the fuel to make it through the week. If you feel we’ve missed any out, feel free to have your say in the comments section below. In no particular order, let’s see what we’ve got:

Lichfields Luxury Assorted Biscuits:

As a general concept, biscuits are pure genius. Not only is it acceptable to eat them at any time of the day, but we’re also able to dunk them in hot beverages in public without feeling ashamed. Having proven their worth over the years, these crunchy gifts from the gods should play an integral part of everyday office life.

However, attempting to determine the number one type of biscuit opens up a whole new debate. That’s why our top choice is Lichfields Luxury Assorted Biscuits.


This assortment of classic biscuits has something for everyone, packed in individual portion sizes but made for sharing. These quintessentially English biscuits are already great value snacks, but buy them in bulk and it’s a steal. Just make sure you’ve perfected your dunking game – no one likes a soggy brew!

Haribo Starmix:

Sweets seem to be an entirely different breed of snack altogether. For many, eating sweets definitely falls under the ‘guilty pleasure / full time hobby’ category.

We think it’s fair to say that no office is complete without copious amounts of Haribo Starmix at the ready. If the coffee isn’t enough to wake you up, these certainly will be. There’s no such thing as ‘last one’ when it comes to nibbling on these bite-size beauties. They’re made for sharing, but you definitely won’t want to. If your office isn’t fully stocked with Haribo sweets, you’re doing life wrong. Buy in bulk at competitive prices and feel what it’s like to live.


When sharing food, etiquette dictates that you should leave the last one for someone else. Although, etiquette takes a back seat when it comes to sharing Haribo Starmix. What you really need for a group Haribo feast is some protective clothing and a helmet!

Cadbury’s Hot Chocolate:

Hot drinks are commonplace in office environments, but let’s be honest, tea and coffee need to stop hogging the limelight and make way for a drink that truly nurtures the soul.

What good is it having all these treats if you’re not able to wash them down with something really special? It’s often said the soothing taste of liquid chocolate alone is powerful enough make men weep with pleasure…


OK that might not be true, but it’s certainly enough to help you through those Monday morning blues and get you well on your way towards the weekend. Just whatever you do, don’t drink it when you’re tired or you’ll be out for the count! When bought in large quantities, Cadbury’s Hot Chocolate is fantastic value.

So there we have it, three essential treats to liven up those long days spent in the office. If you don’t currently enjoy at least one of these items regularly at your workplace, it’s time to have words with the boss and get them bought in.

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