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The idea of having food delivered direct to your door once seemed too good to be true…

Well, the dream is now a reality, and in recent years we’ve seen a real change in the way people are doing their shopping. Embarking on fewer trips to the supermarket means more leisure time, and who in their right mind wouldn’t want that?!

However, lots of people remain unwilling to make use of these new possibilities and are missing out BIG TIME. The truth is, most of these people just aren’t aware of the benefits.

Here at EatBig, we offer a premium delivery service to all of our customers, so we thought we’d do a point-by-point breakdown of our service to highlight the key benefits of having food delivered. Fasten your seatbelts…


  1. Text / email notifications

With all expedited orders and standard orders over 5kg you’ll receive a notification at the time of dispatch. In addition, the evening before a delivery you’ll receive a notification to confirm the delivery date.

BUT HERE’S THE GOOD BIT – on the morning of the delivery you’ll be notified of your allocated 1-hour slot within which the parcel will arrive, offering you real flexibility to plan around it. If you’re really on the minutes, you’re able to track the driver’s location to within 15 minutes of accuracy! Technology, eh?


  1. Arrange an allocated safe place

It doesn’t even matter if you can’t be home in time for the delivery. If you think you’re not going to be home, you can have a designated safe place for the order to be stored, for example your porch or a garden shed. If the delivery driver does need to store the order here, they will take a picture as proof and you’ll be able to access this. This simple feature of our service offers real peace of mind for our customers.


  1. Have the package left with your neighbours

Last but not least…alternatively, you can provide us with a neighbouring address you’d prefer the package to be delivered to. This can be seen as a safe place, but I guess it all depends on how hungry your neighbours are!


  1. Change your delivery day

Need to nip out? That’s no longer a problem. You can now change your delivery day up to 30 minutes before your order is set to be delivered! You can even ask your driver to drop the parcel off at a local Halfords or Rowlands pharmacy so you can collect at your convenience.


  1. It makes buying in bulk a lot easier

We’re all looking to save money, and buying food in bulk is an increasingly common way of achieving this. However, depending on how many passengers are in the car when you’re doing your weekly shop, you might be pushed for space. Having food delivered to your door means you no longer need to cram your car with food, and next time you go out for the day you won’t have to leave your least favourite child at home!


As you can see, not knowing whether you’re likely to be at home when a delivery arrives or not is no longer an issue. Everything can be arranged when you place the order so that once you hit ‘purchase’ you no longer have to think about it.


Take advantage of our fantastic delivery service today! All you need to do is order more than 5kg or select “expedited delivery” at checkout. Click here to visit our shop, happy shopping!



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