The 5 Most Droolworthy Burgers In Existence Today


The burger was first described on 5th July 1896 by the Chicago Daily Tribune in an article about a “Sandwich Car”, it mentions a “Hamburger Sandwich” comprised of pre-made patties that were cooked to order. It seems much has changed since then. The growth of American fast food giants like White Castle and McDonalds has had a huge impact on the variety and availability of the burger, and now thanks to the beauty of the internet, we’ve got access to a whole new world of food blogs and small restaurants that continually pump out weird and wonderful recipes that keep us wanting more. Here are 5 that I’ve been drooling over, I hope you enjoy!

#5 The Donut Burger

hungry-house-donut-burgerImage Credit: Greene King

The Donut Burger a.k.a the Luther Burger is said to have been created by no less than legendary singer Luther Vandross. The extreme mishmash of sweet and savoury has been referred to as “a heart attack on a plate” due to its high calorie content. The average Luther burger is packed with 800-1,500 calories, however the one pictured above actually contains around 2,000! That’s 100% of a woman’s recommended daily intake.

It comes straight from the menu of UK pub chain Hungry Horse and has been wildly criticised for its negative health connotations. Mel Wakeman, senior lecturer in Applied Physiology at Birmingham City University, said: “To me, this is simply ludicrous and irresponsible. I am no killjoy but why is this sort of food available?”

I don’t know how I feel about this one, many have said the flavours complement each other but I’m not so sure, I think some testing is in order. Next stop, Hungry Horse.


#4 The Mac Attack Burger

mac-attack-burgerImage Credit: Rockit Burger Bar 

Who needs a boring old seeded bun when you could have deep fried macaroni and cheese! The Mac Attack Burger is the brainchild of Amanda Downing from Rockit Burger Bar in Chicago. After stumbling across buns made from donuts, cronuts and ramen, she said macaroni and cheese was a natural progression. “I thought this could be the answer to the ramen burger,” she said. “Everybody loves mac ‘n’ cheese”.

The Mac Attack was originally supposed to be available for just one week, however due to high demand it’s now a regular on the menu, and rightly so.

If you’re not from Chicago but want to try your hand at this one, you can find a great recipe here.

 #3 Jamie Oliver’s Insanity Burger


jamie-oliver-ultimate-burgerImage Credit:

Jamie Oliver and his wife Jules have a net worth of over £240 million according to the Sunday Times Rich List, making him the world’s richest chef. So considering that, it would be rather rude not to acknowledge one of his delicious creations.

The insanity burger comes in at 649 calories, which is actually relatively low compared to others on here. But don’t be fooled, it’s stuffed with a whopping 73% of your daily saturated fat!

All things considered though, does it really matter? Take one look at the image and it instantly proves its droolworthyness, but when you discover the meat is brushed with Tabasco chipotle sauce, American mustard and a splash of bourbon, it’s a no brainer.


#2 The Pizza Burger

boston-pizza-burgerImage Credit :Boston’s Restaurant and Sports Bar 

It was really only a matter of time before someone gave birth to the ultimate comfort food – the pizza burger! The closest I’ve come to tasting this was in 2009 when a friend introduced me to a donner kebab layered with pizza, it was much nicer than it sounds, honestly. This work of genius goes one step further in that the bacon cheeseburger is actually wrapped in a pepperoni pizza, kind of like the ultimate calzone!

The one in the picture was made by Boston’s Restaurant and Sports Bar and weirdly was inspired by the celebrity baby craze in 2013, definitely the thoughts of a true foodie.


#1 The Mexican Chorizo & Garlic Shrimp Burger

chorizo-burgerImage Credit: 

Top of the list is the Mexican Chorizo and Garlic Shrimp Burger from Lady and Pups, by far the most popular #Recipeoftheday we’ve ever had on our twitter account and it’s pretty obvious why.

As the name suggests, it’s ingredients include chorizo, shrimp and lots of Mexican spices. However, the burger is actually based on ground pork shoulder and the buns are packed full of sweet potato!

If you check out the recipe its actually quite simple to make at home; so we’ve decided to have a go ourselves. Sign up to our email list and be the first to see our attempt 🙂

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Final thoughts

Of course all food is subjective, let us know your favourite in the comments below. Plus, if anyone has actually tried any of these we’d love to hear your thoughts.


Author – Ben Jones




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