Top 5 Items Always Worth Buying In Bulk

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There is no doubt at all that buying in bulk can save you money, so instead of buying individual packs or small quantities at retail prices, bulk buying everyday essentials means that you can benefit from savings obtained by cutting retail costs. It also means that you will be well stocked for a long period of time, which at the very least reduces the hassle of a weekly grocery shop.

At EatBig, we only supply you with products that do not have an imminent use by date to ensure value for money, which is why we don’t supply fresh foods for the same reason. As such, it’s always a good idea to buy in bulk items that are either non-perishable or have a long shelf life, so as to ensure that you won’t be throwing away drinks or foodstuffs before having had time to get full use from it.

Generally speaking, there are certain common items that are always worth buying in bulk, so here we run through our top 5 that we would recommend you would see the most benefits from when buying in bulk.

1. Tea and coffee

Who doesn’t love a good brew in the morning? As a nation we drink an inordinate amount of hot drinks and, as they have such a long shelf life, buying tea and coffee in bulk is an incredibly sensible solution. Thousands of companies all over the country choose to buy tea and coffee in bulk for the benefit of their employees to make it a more cost-effective process for any business that have their employee’s caffeine fixes to keep in mind. It’s also useful for shoppers who are sick of running to the shop several times a week to top up their supplies, which can negatively affect office productivity.

2. Cleaning supplies

No matter what business you operate or type of home you own; everyone needs cleaning supplies and these can often be quite pricey when bough each week from your local supermarket, but buying in bulk can save you plenty of money in the long run. When buying in bulk you can benefit from cheap prices for cleaning products – which never go out of date anyway – and be safe in the knowledge that you will always be well stocked for any cleaning emergency or daily household tasks.

3. Washing detergent

Buying washing detergent from your local supermarket is a costly exercise, but buying it in bulk can ensure that you’re covered for some time to come. Buying washing detergents and powders in large quantities not only works out much cheaper, but also leaves plenty of time in between needing to buy. Overall, by bulk buying washing detergent you could see savings of up to 50% versus buying each pack individually, so it’s most definitely the best option to prevent you wasting your money on paying retail prices.

4. Rice, noodles and pasta

Rice, noodles and pasta have seriously long shelf lives and take up minimal room in cupboards and larders, so they’re quite probably one of the best consumable products that you can buy in bulk. Not only that, but with such versatility, you can always find meals to make with these long-lasting staples that even the fussiest of eaters will enjoy.

5. Pet food

Dog/cat biscuits and treats can last for months before they come anywhere near their use by date, so buying in bulk not only saves money in the long run, but also is also ideal for pet owners who have more than one animal to feed at home. For example, two large dogs can go through a considerable amount of food each week and buying several bags from your local shop can be very expensive, but when buying in bulk, you will see that everyone is happily fed at a fraction of the cost.

Whether you’re a business or home owner and generally use a lot of the aforementioned products, then it’s likely that you’re wasting money on purchasing goods at retail prices. As such, rather than continuing to waste your money, why not follow thousands of our happy customers who have switched to buying in bulk with EatBig. Still don’t believe us? Why not get in touch today to see how we can save you money and time!

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