5 Ways To Have More Fun In The Kitchen!


In recent years, it seems the British publics’ appetite for reality TV cooking shows has reached insatiable heights, with the likes of Masterchef, The Great British Bake Off and Come Dine With Me enjoying a sumptuous slice of the limelight. Considering the surge in popularity for this type of entertainment and the growing momentum for healthy living in general, you’d be forgiven for thinking that home cooking is on the rise.

You couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, the past time is in rapid decline, largely due to the increased affordability and convenience of ready meals (last year spending on chilled ready meals went up 25-30% among working adults). A recent survey revealed that 8 out of 10 people aged between 18-30 feel they arrive home from work too late to start cooking and most admitted to cooking from scratch just once per week.

Much of the problem is rooted in the fact that more people than ever view cooking as chore rather than a hobby: people do have time to cook – they just can’t be bothered. Cooking is supposed to be fun and can reward you in ways that you could never have imagined!

Here’s the EatBig rough guide to getting the most out of cooking:

1. Be experimental!



Live a little and try cooking dishes you’ve never cooked before. Delve into the spicy world of West-Indian cuisine, surprise your taste buds with the unmistakable flavours of Morocco, or stir yourself up a classic Thai curry.

Here’s a tasty recipe you could try – Chick Pea and Spinach Indian Curry

Once upon a time you’d need to buy cookbooks for all this, but with sites like YouTube just a click away it’s now easier than ever to find mouth-watering recipes without spending a penny.

2. Learn to enjoy the time spent with yourself

Try to forget about the stresses of working life: in the kitchen – you’re the boss. Use this as a time to wind down after a long day at work and give yourself some space to think before you recline in front of the TV to watch the same old shows. Playing music is a great way to get in the zone and before you know it you’ll be dancing around the kitchen!

Here’s an unsigned feel-good song from one of our very own writers! Chris Talbot aka Tubby Tate. Please enjoy!


3. Out with the old, in with the new 


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Investing in good quality kitchenware won’t only make cooking a hell of a lot easier; it really will make you want to cook more. This is perhaps the first step in getting reacquainted with your kitchen and subconsciously it will reinforce your decision to turn over a new leaf and be more pro-active when it comes to cooking. Click here for our post on weird and wonderful kitchen knives.

4. Invite friends and family for dinner 


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It’s important to take pride in cooking and having guests over means you’ll work extra hard to impress. Let them sample some of the new dishes you’ve been practicing and see what they think. If you’ve taken inspiration from step 1 then the chances are they’ll be impressed. The positive feedback will be a great confidence boost and quite often you’ll find yourself becoming more successful in other aspects of life as a result.

5. Be organised 

Tupperware food plastic containers

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If you’re not organised, cooking will only become a chore again. At the weekend plan out a list of potential meals you might want to cook during the week and buy the ingredients there and then. This will save you having to rush to the supermarket after work on weeknights. You could even try cooking a big batch of food and storing it in Tupperware containers for use during the week. This allows you to have the convenience of fast food with the benefits of home cooking. We’ve got a whole article on the benefits of buying in bulk, click here for the full post.

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