Which Countries Produce the Best Coffee Beans?


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Author – Jerry Robinson

I started drinking coffee as an adolescent many years ago, following the habit of both my parents.  Like most kids I started by adding cream and sugar but as time progressed I eliminated first one then the other.  It was not that the coffee I was drinking was so great, but rather I was always in a rush and did not want to take the time to add the extras.

I then raced through university and became a journalist where the coffee pot was always brewing and four to five cups a day was not unusual. Many times if you worked the late shift the coffee may have been sitting on the warmer for hours. It did not matter because we were just looking for the caffeine high we needed to keep working. Coffee was coffee.  There was no great significance in what the coffee tasted like.  Also the choices were fairly limited: Folgers, Maxell House, and Yuban. But, wow have times – and coffee – developed over the years.  Fast forward to 2014 where shop shelves are lined with a multitude of varieties and coffee shops like Starbucks and Costa seem to be on every corner.

So where does this coffee originate?  From countries all over the world and it is such an important commodity it has been traded on the Futures Market for years right along with oil, corn and soybeans.  The top producing country for years has been Brazil followed by other countries such as Peru, Costa Rica and Vietnam. Three of the top ten countries that were voted first, second and third this year came from Ethiopia, Kenya and Colombia, which were chosen by a panel of coffee industry experts, according to a website devoted to introducing readers to “the very best fun, food and drink across the country.”

In the United States, Hawaii is the only state that has the appropriate climate to grow coffee beans and the flavour of Kona and Kona blend coffee is universally recognised as a top flavour.  But no matter what coffee you drink, you must have the best beans in order to brew the best cup of coffee.

There are many different kinds of roasts from all over the world from which to choose. Some coffees are light, medium or dark rich tasting roasts. Some beans come in a variety of flavors, but from wherever the beans come you know they have been hand picked and carefully selected.

Coffee sells in a variety of price ranges but do not be fooled into thinking that just because a variety is less expensive, the beans in that coffee are inferior. Here at EatBig we want to introduce you to the best of both worlds by offering a variety of brands at affordable prices. Give us the opportunity to supply your coffee and check out our range today. Click here to go there now.

Finally, i’d love to hear from you – what’s your favourite coffee producing country? Let me know in the comments below.


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