Why You Shouldn’t Buy Your Drinks From Office Supply Stores

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We all know buying in bulk can save you money, especially those of us who are responsible for ensuring that offices are kept fully stocked up. Moreover, buying in quantity can drive prices down and are far more economic and cost-effective than purchasing the same goods individually or on a frequent basis. Though this seems like quite an obvious observation, many businesses tend to fall into the trap of ordering hot beverages and foodstuffs at the same time – and within the same order – as their office supplies, so as ‘to kill two birds with one stone’ so to speak.

But wait – just because it may seem more convenient it doesn’t make buying from this supplier the best decision as they’ll be more likely to charge a higher price than that offered from more specialist providers.

EatBig can save you money every time you brew up!

Office supply stores are specialists in just that; supplying offices with stationary and office equipment (talk about stating the obvious). That is their area of expertise and so big names in that industry, such as Staples and Vikings, can offer extremely competitive prices when buying stationery and office equipment in bulk from them. However, they are not a ‘one stop shop’ for everything and, even though they do offer other items such as tea and coffee, they are definitely not the cheapest option on the market, so it’s worth shopping around to find the best prices if you want to save some money.

Here at EatBig, we are the bulk buying specialists and offer a comprehensive selection of beverages and food products to choose from at highly competitive prices. What’s more, we can deliver tea and coffee in bulk to your premises at a much cheaper cost than if you were to purchase them from your regular stationary suppliers. Not only that, but we also have great rates on hot chocolate too for those who fancy a little treat whilst at work or those that aren’t particularly avid on the fast-paced stimulation that caffeine-based drinks can offer. All orders placed with EatBig can benefit from quick dispatch times and excellent delivery rates, so no matter the size of your bulk order, you can be assured that you are getting the very best prices available on the market.

Keeping you and your workforce happy

No office is complete without tea and coffee facilities. Everyone (well, not everyone, but most people) needs a caffeine kick every now and again, and put simply; not having the facilities to make a good cup of tea at work is quite frankly a crime! Having to run to the shops every time you run out of tea bags would put a serious dent in your office productivity, as would not having tea and coffee too. So, buying in bulk is not only cost-effective, but also ensures that your workforce is happy in knowing that they’re able to keep refreshed at all times of day.

Keeping your hot drinks supply well stocked will keep your employees happy as mentioned above, but low bulk buying costs will keep you as a business owner happy too. Don’t be fooled into tagging your hot drinks order on to your stationary order with your office supplier simply because it’s an easy option, as you’d literally be wasting your money.

So why not save yourself a small fortune by turning to EatBig, we are an industry expert in bulk buying of drinks and foods and, with thanks to our buying power, we are able to pass the savings on to you. Therefore, not only are we considerably cheaper than your office stationary supplier when it comes to your hot drinks requirements, but we are also cheaper than many of our competitors in the consumables market too.

To take advantage of our quick dispatch times and low delivery rates today, Contact Us today to discuss all your office hot drink requirements.

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