What’s The Best Tassimo Coffee Machine?

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The Tassimo system by Bosch has revolutionised the single serve market, their simple controls and clever designs have made them hugely popular. And now that most major brands have jumped on board, there’s countless drinks to choose from – you can even make hot chocolate and tea!

However, there are a few models available now so how do you know which is best? Well, we’ve put together some information on the 3 latest versions so deciding should be that little bit easier. Each has its own pros and cons so the most expensive system may not be the one for you.

Firstly it’s important to note that all 3 machines use the same pod based system. Each pod (known as a T disc) features a barcode that the machine can scan in order to determine what kind of drink it’ll be making. This means no matter which one you pick, the drink will taste exactly the same.

All models make a piping hot drink very quickly, feature one button operation and have the same self-cleaning system. So what sets them apart? Well, the main difference is the size of the water tank. There’s also a few smaller differences so we’ll go into those as well.

T12 VIVY (TAS1202GB)

The T12 is the most compact model at just 17cm wide. Despite its size it can still accommodate a large mug or flask with its adjustable drip tray. Its lightweight design makes it perfect for students or anyone with a lack of work space. The only real downside is the rather small water tank, it only holds 0.7 litres so you’ll need to refill regulary. However, for most people this won’t be a problem as it’s easy to top up. All-in-all this is a great machine that does everything you need it to, a great buy considering prices start from around £45 on Amazon – the RRP is £99.99!

Click here for the full specification 

T32 SUNY (TAS3202GB)

The T32 is similar to the T12 in that it features a compact, space saving design. The water tank is slightly larger at 0.8 litres in capacity but you’ll still have to top it up regularly. The main difference between the two is a smart start button on the T32. It has a sensor on the front of the machine that allows you to start brewing with one hand, you just need to press your mug firmly into the front of the unit and it’ll do the rest! It’s a great feature for those busy mornings when you need to leave in a hurry.

The question is – should you buy it? Well, it all comes down to the price really. This model is available from around £69.99 on Amazon which is only slightly more that the T12, so if you like the sound of the push start feature then it’s definitely worth considering. Some may feel it’s not worth the additional cost but either way it’s still great value when you compare it to a traditional coffee machine.

Click here for the full specification

T55 (TAS5542GB)

The T55 is the largest machine on the list with an impressive 1.5L water tank. If you have a family that loves coffee or you simply plan to use the machine regularly then this is the one we’d recommend. The larger tank means you’ve got space for a water filter (included) which is great if your area is known for having hard water as it cuts down on limescale.

In addition to the larger tank, this unit is slightly more advanced than the others and features a couple of handy buttons that let you adjust the size of your drink. The removable drip tray has an improved design that makes it easy to switch between different sized mugs. The small tab on the left of the picture lets you raise the height so smaller mugs sit closer to the brew basket; this helps to preserve the crema on coffee drinks. The heating system has also seen some improvements which means you’ll pay less each month when the electricity bill comes in.

Prices started at £139.99 when the unit was launched but you can now pick one up for around £100 on Amazon.

Click here for the full specification

Final thoughts

In summary, all the machines offer great value and make tasty drinks, so choose the one that’s right for you. If you don’t need a huge tank or fancy features then stick to the T12, you can’t go wrong for £35! However, if you’re after that little bit extra, the prices on Amazon are very competitive.

Tips & Tricks

Here’s a little bit of information on how to get the most out of your machine from Brian at aromacup.com. Did you know you can make french press coffee without using a T disc? The first video guides you through the whole process. We think it’s a great trick that means you don’t have to buy T discs if you don’t want to. The second video actually shows you how to make porridge by following a few simple steps. Enjoy!


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